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Due to the political situation in the country we are forced to stop sales and close our service. You can use proxies until the end of their term
We do not provide services on the territory of the Russian Federation. Any actions of the clients of the service aimed at undermining the territorial integrity and untouchability, defense capability, state, economic or information security of Ukraine will be regarded as illegal. Such clients will be blocked without the possibility of a refund. The data of customers who do not comply with the regulations will be transferred to law enforcement agencies.

Private Mobile proxies Ukraine

Fast mobile proxies at a low price with the highest uptime and reliable technical support.

Handy personal cabinet.

Trouble-free access to any global social networks.

By far the lowest prices for unlimited access with the highest quality.


Service benefits

Service benefits

Private channel speed up to 30 MB/s. No hidden or not explicitly stated restrictions, except for those that may go against service rules.





Mobile Proxy cost

Private Proxy

All social networks, high speed. Channel - Your. Link to change IP. Priority Support.

1 150 ₴


Individually for companies.

Personal support manager. Long term contract work. Non-cash form of payment to the account.


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Personal discounts for wholesale buyers


Who needs mobile proxies?

Traffic arbitrators, targetologists. Contextual advertising specialists.

Send messages of all kinds through all available channels (messengers, social networks) networks, mail), manage multiple ads cabinets are safe without worrying about blocking!

Marketers and SEO specialists

Safe parsing, posting content on social networks without the risk of blocking. Our proxies allow you to conduct business safely.

SMM specialists

Protection from bans in any social networks. networks. Bulk registration of accounts, subscription, unsubscribe, there is no problem with that. Community management and accounts are now much easier. No bans or captchas..

Пentrepreneurs and developers of programm software

Automate actions, parsing, SEO, search results, work with any platforms will become much easier with our proxies

Service information

ProxyService is a service for providing promotion and advertising services on the Internet at the lowest price on the market. We provide personal dedicated Ports that are connected to a 1Gbit network, which allows you to work with the base of delays and speed losses.